A gift for craft friends and aesthetes: From the laser-cut and color-printed wood veneer panel, individual pieces can be punshed out, like with our postcards and formed into three-dimensional figures by folding and plugging. As shown on the icon on the plate, the enclosed sticks have to be tied using the supplied thread. After that fasten the figures to the sticks. Is this done, the mobile have to be balanced.
The mobiles are delivered as a craft kit packed in bioplastics (PLA). The supplied 3m long thread attaches the required sticks and is wrapped around the base plate.
As a balancing tip: The figure at the highest point has always be pushed outwards and those at the lowest point inside. The same with the sticks.

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Mobile swimmer and delfin Mobile swimmer and delfin
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Mobile humming bird and flower Mobile humming bird and flower
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