Wiggle fir - Wooden Postcard

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  • Wooden postcard for crafting
2 trees in the area of ??the card become a fir tree for the Christmas season. This card is... more
"Wiggle fir - Wooden Postcard"

2 trees in the area of ??the card become a fir tree for the Christmas season. This card is often sent at Christmas as a customer mailing before Christmas. Every customer can do something with the 3 object and easily put the fir tree together.
The LaserCut motif is lasered into the card so that it is held in the card by thin bars. These are strong enough that the motif is held in the card during transport, but thin enough that the bars can be easily cut through to remove the handicraft parts from the card. A three-dimensional object is formed by insertion and / or folding. If you paint and describe the components before sending them, your greeting will be even more unique.
With our wiggle-fir-wooden-postcard you not only send a greeting, but also a small gift and joy of handicrafts. The wobble is also very popular for customer mailings for Christmas and can be individually printed on both sides.

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