Plane – 3D Deco greating card

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  • 3D deco greeting card with envelope and instructions
With our plane - 3D DECO GREETING CARD you not only send a greeting, but also a very decorative... more
"Plane – 3D Deco greating card"

With our plane - 3D DECO GREETING CARD you not only send a greeting, but also a very decorative and beautiful object for crafting made of wood printed on both sides..
With our < strong>Plane 3D DECORATION GREETING CARD send a very cute, funny decorative object for handicrafts made of wood printed in color on both sides. So you not only send a greeting but also a real small gift for handicrafts and decoration.
Not only great for handicraft fans.
The paper double card offers enough space for your personal greeting. On the back of the card you will find building instructions in German, English and French.
The A6 size card made of 1mm thick birch plywood comes with building instructions/writing paper and an envelope.
The components of the monster are all already included with the Laser cut and are only held in the card by thin bars. These can be easily broken through or, as we recommend, cut through with a cutter knife.
The wood comes from sustainable, certified tree stocks in the EU.
The production takes place in Germany, in cooperation with the USE non-profit GmbH (workshop for people with disabilities). Our packaging is made of biofilm (PLA).

Wooden handicraft sheets, paper greeting card, envelope, customer information and assembly instructions in German, English and French

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