Dandelion - Handmade Paper Card

Dandelion - Handmade Paper Card
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  • Greeting card with colored insert and envelope
"Wish you something" or "Best wishes" expresses this dandelion. Birthday, passed school-leaving... more
"Dandelion - Handmade Paper Card"

"Wish you something" or "Best wishes" expresses this dandelion. Birthday, passed school-leaving exam and other festive occasions come into question. With black insert (not incl.) also a beautiful funeral card for adults and children, since the dandelion also symbolizes transience and comfort.
The high quality handmade paper is made from recycled cotton. The motifs are cut into the cotton paper with the laser and can be easily folded up and bent. Then put the card in the envelope and hand it over or send it. Paper has the nice property of remembering, i.e. if you pre-fold the card, the folding is retained and the pressed-out elements come up as soon as you pull it out of the envelope.
The dandelion handmade card makes wishes come true. Great as a personal greeting or invitation card customer mailings for the wedding a great idea.

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